Explore Business and Investment Opportunities in Negros Occidental

We will guide you in building sustainable enterprises while you help create jobs and boost your city’s business economy.

You will not be working overseas forever, so generating an income you can rely on when you return home should be of utmost importance to you. There are numerous business ventures you can think of, however, you do need to approach it with care.


Before You Start a Business

Make sure you understand your target market and conduct thorough research into the industry to help you achieve success. Try not to invest in fads or trends, and always make sure any business venture you embark on is legitimate.

Keep in mind that there are numerous financing options available that can help you get up and running. Our government has financing programs to assist OFW entrepreneurs. All you have to do is research, inquire and apply.


Invest in Negros Occidental! Abanse Negrense!